The person

I'm Dee, and supposedly I am an actual person that exists. I do things that a person would do, such as occasionally writing articles in the blog web log on this site.

a pixelated, distorted, and off-color image of a long-haired white person looking to the side
This is approximately what I look like

I am nonbinary. If you need to refer to me, you can use they/them, or ze/zem/zir pronouns (more detail). In languages other than English, you can refer to me using gender-neutral language if possible, and otherwise select any arbitrarily.


  • E-mail: dee@underscore.world
    • PGP key, fingerprint: 5C83 E695 BE39 B23E 71EE FB14 8812 3F17 D94D 5896
    • You can retrieve my PGP key via WKD as well.
  • XMPP: deeunderscore@xmpp.zone
    • OMEMO fingerprints:
      • BDE914E8 A7EE34FB B49BE035 0E084D34 42B959F0 89093355 DFE2E3F7 6824BA25
      • AB6A23B5 F4D74AD8 6AF1CFB2 152EF135 98A23D69 A5929DC9 631AAF64 A772B847
      • 5DCC8609 6299DCF4 D8A49966 AC77F023 62B9A50A 447F9E47 50F4D549 13C8A517
    • If you wish to add me to your contacts, and your client allows you to set a request message, please include a hint on who you are. You may be able to send me a message without adding me to contacts, though this does not seem to work for everyone.
  • Matrix: @dee:underscore.world
    • You can start a new chat with me if you wish to talk.
  • IRC: D_ on Libera


You can find me in a number of places on the Internet, generally under the nickname D_, DeeUnderscore, or some variation:

...and perhaps other places, where people with usernames similar to mine may or may not be me.


I am not the person who goes by UnderscoreWorld on various sites such as Twitch, Twitter, or YouTube.

When I registered underscore.world, I wanted to have dee.underscore under an arbitrary top level domain. This arbitrary top level domain ended up being world, and it was only later that I found out there was an unfortunate name collision with someone else. Oops.

The site

dee.underscore.world is a static site, currently built with Hugo, and previously with Lektor. The templates and CSS (generated from SASS) are written by me.

Adjacent to it you can find fedi.underscore.world, which is running a Pleroma instance. Previously, this site could be found at deeunderscore.github.io.