In English, I use they/them, or ze/zem/zir as my pronouns. You are invited to use either set when referring to me.


They, when employed as a personal pronoun for a single individual, is used with the same verb forms as plural they. The one difference from plural they is the reflexive form, where themself can be used instead of themselves. While some individuals who use they pronouns have a preference for themself over themselves, I have no such preference, and consider either to be correct, when used to refer to me.



Unlike singular they, ze is a neopronoun—it is a newer pronoun, specifically intended to be used for individuals, as an alternative to traditional pronouns. Ze is used with the same singular verb forms as it, she, or he. I pronounce these pronouns /zi/, /zɛm/, /zɪɹ/, /zɪɹz/, /zɛmˈsɛlf/.